Company History

Keith Davidson formed Midas Coin Company in 1979, having previously managed a bank, and then moved on to owning a fish and chip shop in Birkenhead, Auckland, he traded the takeway business for 3 then state of the art Space Invader machines(we have one of those left!).

From there the arcade game industry really took off. In the early 80’s arcade machines easily outperformed the film, music and television industry combined.

This sort of money attracted all sorts of characters while the going was good, but come the mid to late 80’s the industry went through a modest downturn. No problem for Keith with his previous financial experience, he had seen the potential and played the cards well, whilst the fly by nighters went on to easier ventures.

No one could foresee the revolution that was Street Fighter 2 in 1991. This game rescued the industry and spawned many spin offs and sequels. In the early 90’s Keith went into partnership with a good friend Mark O, and they continued successfully for the rest of the decade. Mark went onto another business venture in 1999, while Keith continued the operation with his wife Jocelyn. In 2001 Keith employed Brett Carter to assist with the operation. They worked together for the next 19 years collecting coins from various locations around Auckland, whilst diversifying the business to include pinball machines and other equipment short term hire of the machines for private and corporate functions.

In 2019 Keith and Jocelyn sold the business to Brett so they could focus on another business and apart from a change of name to something more fitting, its business as usual!

Long term supply at no cost for restaurants and bars. Profit share by negotiation where applicable.

Our games can add a great atmosphere to a location, keeps kids entertained allowing parents extra time onsite, or keep patrons on location for another round(on the game!).

We can wrap the machine in your branding if required, and if the earnings are really solid we can certainly look into profit share.

Every situation is unique, please contact me to discuss, no hard sell.