Having acquired some knowledge and good connections over the years we are happy to assist in repair of most coin operated equipment(except gambling or ’pokies’). We can also assist with:

  • Pinball machine mechanical and basic electronic repair. Control Board repairs please call.
  • Pinball Machine Refurbishment or ‘Shopping’
  • Arcade game control repairs, cabinet work.

Please be aware screen issues on old arcade games with glass picture tubes often are very expensive, due to parts requiring specialist repair out of Auckland.



Artwork services to allow you to change the theme cabinets to your corporate identity or a new modern theme.

Some old cabinet styles are nice, but let down by simple kitchen grade formica. We can sort that out with the artwork of your choice. Best to phone and discuss.

Buying/ Selling/ Brokering

We are always looking for old arcade and pinball machines in any condition.  If you have a machine you just can find or live without, we can find it or source it for you, using our industry contacts either here in NZ or Internationally.

We often have stock for available for sale, best to discuss what you are interested with us directly.