Our Games

Our fantastic range of traditional arcade games

Space Invaders

Not the first video game, but certainly the one that really kicked things off. Caused a shortage of coins in Japan for a time. The gameplay holds up well to this day. Black and white screen.

Street Fighter 2

The most popular arcade franchise. Controls are carefully calibrated for hurricane kicks, uppercuts and fireballs!

1980 Super Chexx Ice Hockey

Party like its 1980!  USA and USSR go head to head on the ice.

Amazing interactive light show, super fast gameplay and custom call outs, this dome hockey is a real hit!

Defender / Stargate

The depth of gameplay and unique control system has ensured this games longevity. Iconic 80’s arcade sound, really worth turning the volume up on this gem.

Ms Pacman

The first lady of 80’s arcade games, avoid the ghosts, eat the dots, get the highest score!

Point Blank Gun

A competitive, high action, non violent gun game. Targets include apples, cars, piranhas and UFO’s to name a few.

50 mini games ensure high player turnover and great replay value. Bold colorful graphics and catchy sound - this game screams FUN.

Driving games

These early 90’s classics are instantly recognisable and easy to play, with extra depth for the professionals. Magic gameplay, music and colourful graphics that newer games cannot replicate.


Space Invaders at the next level: Color, music, challenging stages, strategy


Similar to Galaga but the player is trying to get back to Earth, blasting dozens of alien ships along the way. Fantastic stereo sound(1984!), another gem to turn the volume up on.

Killer Instinct 2

Don’t let the name put you off, this is ridiculous over the top 90’s campy fighting fun.

Maximus Arcade machine

Loaded with hundreds of games, with each game selected from an easy to use on screen menu.

Ideal for longer term hire.

Eg - Office: Great staff reward, builds comradery, staff stay onsite and ‘talk shop’ - Home: Rainy days,’lockdowns’, there is something on this machine for everyone. Most of the hits from the 80’s and 90’s included.